Nicoccino™ nicotine strips – fast and discreet nicotine delivery

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What are nicotine strips?

Why Nicoccino

Nicoccino™ nicotine strips is an innovative product that allows you to enjoy nicotine in situations where you can not or chose not to smoke.

Similar to snus and tobacco free white pouches, the strip is placed under the upper lip. It provides a quick nicotine release, as fast as nicotine spray, and all nicotine is delivered within a couple of minutes. Nicoccino™ nicotine strips are discreet as the strip is super thin and dissolves after a few minutes. Not visible from the outside – no need to discharge.

Tobacco free

Nicoccino nicotine strips contain no tobacco, only nicotine produced in accordance with good manufacturing practice GMP.

Quick nicotine delivery

When a Nicoccino nicotine strip is applied under the upper lip it starts to deliver nicotine within seconds. 


Nicoccino nicotine strips are super thin, only 0,07 mm, for a comfortable look and feel. As it dissolves after a few minutes, there is no need to discharge anything – convenient for the user and great for the environment.

About Nicoccino

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